Doing the dishes

I have probably a bit of OCD in me. I like certain things done in a very specific way. I like things clean and tidy. I like to feel like small things are been taking care so I can focus my mind on bigger ones.

One of the small things I like keeping in control is the kitchen and whenever possible I do the dishes before I call it a day.

I do them in the office. At home. On the go.

Doing the dishes for me means that when I wake up in the morning I start on a clean sheet. I wake up to order. It lets my brain feel like a fresh start.

Doing the dishes means that you had a moment to reflect. To think. To listen to yourself.

Doing the dishes means you had a chance to pause whatever you were doing to tidy up.

Just as making your bed first thing in the morning delivers your first accomplishment of the day (everyday), tidying up at night delivers as sense of permission to wind down.

We are heading back to the office tomorrow after our traditional year end break, and before I called it the day I made sure both the living room and the kitchen were tidy.

I like to think little rituals like these help me stay grounded. It also helps me have the smallest of wins even when the rest of the day could have been hell.

We all need to feel in control, at least once a day. It primes us with positiviness. It deliver us time to reflect.

Doing the dishes is also humbling and reminds us of the basics.

Doing the dishes has been part of my routine since I was a kid. It is an intrinsic part of who I am.

Smalls wins make space for bigger ones.

What are yours?

Pura Vida.