Always do the right thing

Doing the right thing is not always easy but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Doing what’s right vs what’s practical is always in tension, one requires a bit more thinking or can make you feel uncomfortable; but once done you realise it wasn’t as bad as you thought, not matter how hard it was, and paves the path for the next one up.

As a leader doing what’s right might not be glamours, what’s more, it might make you have to confront the reality that you are alone on it, but it is in doing the right thing that you build trust in yourself and sets the foundation for your future actions — and sooner rather than later it becomes the guiding principle for you to act on.

Doing the right thing doesn’t mean you suddenly become a super hero, you are still human, and you will get it wrong, some times. But doing the right thing requires you to have a frame of action that makes you to analyse the world around you based on your own principles, therefore in the way you want / expect things to be and not in the way they are / have been until today; knowing at all times what’s within your zone of influence, and what’s not, and adapting based on it.

Doing the right thing doesn’t mean you have to be a dick, what’s more, doing the right things, right means you do it with respect and, when possible, by providing context on your actions, so actions are not surprises but causalities.

Sometimes doing the right thing is doing what’s practical or better yet, nothing at all and it’s ok.

Doing the right should help you evaluate yourself first, help you set the tone for the world, team or company you want to become.

Doing the right thing requires practice and can’t be postponed.

So next time, remember, trust in yourself and take action.

Pura vida.