Making time to read (and other things)

2020 came and went and for me it became the year I’ve read the least — since I started reading for pleasure, back in college.

It also became the year I journaled the least, with just 80 entries on Day One — It was that kind of year.

Today I broke that cycle.

I started and finished my first book of the year and it felt great.

I had planned to read at least 4 books during the time off — between Xmas and New Year — and whilst I started a few (including fiction), I didn’t finished any and that’s ok.

I needed to re-learn how to wind down and disconnect.

But as we start the new year I wanted to pick up where I left in 2019 and resume the habits that made me feel positive and alive.

Read. Journal. Meditate. Walk.

I am also looking forward to be more mindful where I spend time and my relationship with the digital world.

2018 was the most difficult year of my professional life.

2019 was the year we rebuilt Leaf from the ground up.

2020 became the year we took Leaf global, became profitable and accelerated our growth.

2021 will be the year I bring balance to everything in my life as we accelerate even further.

My lead domino for that is making time to read.

If I am reading it means everything else is in balance.

What’s your lead domino?

Pura vida.