Learning (in times of Corona)

Have you invested time in learning something new since the lockdown started?


The lock down has not only made available (or visible, depending on your view) a myriad of learning opportunities, it has also made them accesible from the confort of your couch.

Not only it’s a great way to socialise (important when you are isolated), it also gives you the chance to break the monotony of the day and end up with some new acquired view of the world.

Learning has become a thing again for many (it defenetly has become a thing for us), and we look forward for it to remain a thing for many years to come.

We are living a new normal and in this new reality we have the power to accelerate ourselves into the future in ways we could have only imagined before; not because it was not possible, but because the lockdown has brought them forward for us to take advantage of.

Hope you are safe.

Pura vida.