On the World Going Remote

The world has gone Remote for the first time.

At Leaf we have been fully remote for 7 weeks now and if the outlook remains as is, we will continue going remote for a while more.

This is the new normal.

Going remote has allowed many of us to experience a different, yet not as bad as many thought, kind of world.

Going remote has also allowed us to experience remote learning not because we had to, but because we chose to.

Going remote has shown (some) governments that they could massively improve the way public services are delivered without necessarily meaning tens of millions in new systems or long ass projects.

Going remote has shown that when there are no other options, people’s creativity flourishes.

Going remote has shown companies that they could trust employees while away.

Yes, online gaming has seen a massive increase, just like video on demand, but not necessarily as inverse proportion of “people’s productivity at work”.

Going remote has shown businesses that they needed an online presence to prevail, and that no matter how great Amazon is, they can and will keep you hostage of your their customers.

Going remote has been a blessing in disguise for many business but it has also become the silent executioner to many other, their families and, the individuals connected to them.

Going remote has let the inequalities that many have disguised as freedom of choice, or capitalism, raise into the spotlight.

Going remote has put the finger into how essential those otherwise non-essential workers are; and how, the new front-lines are fought by those who care about us and not (necessarily) those in power.

Going remote has become the new normal.

Family, friends and working relationships have shifted for good and any resemblance with days of past will be just as our great grand parents would remember the days of old.

Going remote has let the best and worst of us come to life.

As the waters of chaos recede I only hope the net sum of all this transformation is as positive as the impact the earth has seen in the past few days by rebuilding itself.

Going remote has given us a once in a lifetime chance to reconnect, reflect and improve. It’s the reset moment we have all wished for and, as if from a fairy tale, has been given to us to live.

Going remote is our opportunity to write the new normal.

Your new normal.

Pura vida.