Whether as a manager or as an individual contributor, decisions are probably the most underrated aspect of your job and yet it is the one thing that is the most impactful to its success.

Every action has its genesis on a decision — same can be said about inaction, not as the lack of making a decision, but as the mute decision that lays behind it — for actions to happen, a decision needs to be made in order for it to materialize.

But not all actions are created equal, so how do we prepare to make informed and mindful decisions?

That’s the question you need to answer, your way. Everyone will have their own method, based on who you are, what makes you tic and your own personality, but you need to be mindful of its function and sharpen its process to be intentional.

I’ve learned that a little Meditation in the morning can have a profound influence on the quality of the decisions I make throughout the day; it allows me to be focused, self-aware and mindful of the moment decisions are to be made. Journaling has also allowed me to look back, reflect and move forward.

The more aware and focused you are, the more informed and clear the decisions become, it means you are in control and in control you get to choose the right path forward.

Take a moment, think, how do you make your best decisions? Write it down and turn it into framework. Only then you would have found clarity in your method.

Pura vida.

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