On Remaining Positive

Staying positive is one of the unsung qualities of every leader.

It’s part of your job to imagine the potential of a glass-half-full while a shiny yellow brick road opens up in front of you to guide your venture to success.

Realworld, of course, it’s not as dreamy as that and instead, you have to keep the finger on the pulse, constantly assessing risks, shield up against challenges and plan for the unseen, but above all else, you have to remain positive.

It’s difficult to act the part and be on your top game. Every. Single. Day.

You have to motivate yourself before you can motivate others.

Easy, right? Not a chance!

First, you need to learn to see the forest for the trees, to zoom in and out keeping sight of the goal and the advance you make, while constantly adapting to the challenges, iterating and influencing others to do their part.

But we’re still human, and as such we have our good days and bad days, or weeks.

On those days I pause and reflect on the good things that have been accomplished and analyze the bits that need work. Reflecting on what’s been good is oftentimes forgotten because we give the wins for granted and tend to place the most weight on the bits needing working, not that they are not important, but just as important is to acknowledge those wins as they are fuel to keep the engine going.

It’s key that you learn how to remain calm while in chaos, sharpen your stoic mindset and recognize what is within your reach and capacity to change or influence and what’s not, and for those you can, act!

This last piece is important: ACT ON IT!

Just as decisions are the genesis of actions, actions are the catalyst for change and change is what will keep un on the path to success.

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