Tidying up

as a kid I used to clean and tidy up my room and closet the week before going to back to school, it would allow me to clean up both my head as well as those things from the school year past and give myself and my room a brand-new day for the year ahead. as I have grown and life is non-stop, taking time to “clean up” has become more difficult, or at least less mindful.

this week I took the chance to do so with my home office, cleaned up, did cable management, got a few things I didn’t need out and improved the lighting (special in these short days of winter).

funny how little rituals like these completely reset your thinking, gives you space for mindful thinking, and allow the space needed to make (thoughtful) decisions.

we don’t have new year’s every week, but we get new weeks, months, and days, how we approach them when our minds are cluttered is what matters. but reminding us that they exist makes all the difference.

happy new year, everyone!