The Metaverse

I am sure you have heard already that Facebook renamed BigCo to Meta, those are news but not THE news we should all be investing our time on the day after; the meat-y one is the one with the full word on it, the Metaverse.

what Mark showed us yesterday is a vision of the future based on how they see it (or at least how they are prepared to speak in public about it), that of a fully immersive world, a las cinematic world one, where we all live, digitally and come together regardless of physical location in a virtual and augmented reality.

whilst you might think this is too wild to be true, you only must google for the ones Microsoft used to make in the 90’s and early 00’s about a world in which we would have smartphones with all our information living in “the cloud” and where we would, one day, all be working from home and meet through video conferences (novelty!) wireless.

it took our world 20 years to deliver us the technology that powers the world we live in, and whilst it was not Microsoft but Apple who delivered us a fully enclosed mobile world; it will take a different kind of people and vision to deliver us the next big thing, “the Metaverse”, and no matter how bad we think of Facebook today (remember how many people thought of Microsoft in the 00’s?) we are already entering the next evolution of our digitals life, only we don’t know it yet; and, whether our children are ahead of us with Fortnite and Roblox, or the youngsters with NFTs and crypto, there is already out there all the innovation ensued and it will be just a matter of years (not decades) before it hits the masses.

so, if you didn’t watch the keynote, it’s not too late, no matter your thoughts on Facebook Meta and whether they will be the ones delivering it or not, we can’t take away the fact that as scary as it might feel, this is the future and it’s also exciting!