On Finding Peace

We have expectations of ourselves.

We think people around us expect from us as much as we do.

We think people look at us through the same lenses we look at ourselves and, just as we have full knowledge of our current situation, we project that same sense of mindfulness into others.

Others look at themselves and think we look at them the same way.

But we don’t, because we can’t.

We don’t know what everyone’s current situation is; that’s personal, is unique and it is private.

So if I don’t know of others expectations, how am I to expect different of others towards me?

Finding peace of mind is learning to let go of others expectations of ourselves (and it’s ok).

Finding peace of mind is learning to accept our past, today; knowing that decisions past will never be changed and we can only change tomorrow by doing something today (it’s a fact).

Finding peace of mind is knowing that it only matters if we show up today. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Today.

Finding peace of mind is learning to accept that what we are today doesn’t define our whole life, nor who we are, nor who we will be; because we are in constant change and as such we are bigger than this very moment.

Finding peace of mind is knowing that whatever comes, will pass; and as such, we need to see life as a constant stream of moments that we can learn to handle one moment at a time.

Finding peace of mind is in our control and is as easy as taking a pause, breath in and let go.

Our current state of mind it’s our perception of the now; so, find the positive angle.

Life is happening and you are living it. Today. Now.

Peace is inside you, grab it. Make it yours and then let go.

Peace of mind is in this moment.

Pura vida.