Celebrate your wins.

No matter how small… wins are wins. They should not and won’t override the chaos and the difficult days, but they will shine a light when you might most need it.

at Leaf we have a #wins channel in our slack where everyone and anyone can share good news, special product releases, positive customer feedback, new customers signed offs or people getting out of their comfort zone and delivering delight to customers or internal team members alike.

wins can make someone’s day as well as remind you that no matter the chaos good things are also going on in the mist of everything.

we started the wins channel in the darkest of the days at Leaf, when any win got overshowed by the feeling of “yes, but” … then we said “f*ck it, a win is a win and worth celebrating”, even when there is a much bigger hill to climb, we can take a minute and appreciate the flowers.

celebrating wins helped change our mindset and ever since, wins are a constant reminder that we are on this infinite game and if we don’t get to enjoy the journey, then what’s the point of all this sacrifice?

just as we have made retrospectives and post-mortems a regular ritual, wins are there as well to shine a light on things worth cheering.