Recession & the NOW

Recession. This is the word in everyone’s minds these days, most so if you are on the driver’s seat; and whilst this is a perfect moment for reflection, it is also the perfect excuse to put a finger on some of those things that you know have not been working and need a handle.

Often, as leaders, we tend to postpone acting due to the sunk cost we have incurred, we push acting, and it is not until we are made to act that we take on decisions made long ago.

Graham Fink mentioned in his masterclass a few days ago, that the best day in our lives is today, now. Because we get the opportunity to act, make and change. The past is gone, the future, will never exist, it is today what we have been giving to take act on.

Recession. So much of an opportunity to act on what we have been postponing. To turn a challenge into positive, to consolidate and grow. It’s on all on us, on how we decide to take on these times. On the now.