The Crisis is dead. Long live the Crisis.

For the most part of our life we are either approaching, living through or just passing a crisis.

Embracing a crisis, how we react to them and learning how to push through and conquer then becomes key to us thriving in life — as well as to getting peace of mind.

Now, not all crises are created equal, but in equal manner, how we react to a crisis will determine its development, impact and recovery.

Stoics call for a cold head, always with the eye on the price, learning to discern what’s in our power of influence and what’s not, something which I try to use as foundation to my (re)actions — not always successfully, but definitely mindful of it.

So how should we react to crises?

First and foremost pause and trust things will be ok, or at least, that whatever is to happen, chances are, we’ll recover;

Two, take a moment and imagine what is the worst that can happen? chances are it is not as bad as we first thought, giving us a fresh perspective from which to take action.

Three, take action.

Because no matter your reaction or how shit situations are today, you can’t go back in time and change the past; all that is for you to do, is in the now and in the future, so whatever we do next, we better chose wisely.

Crises arrise from (un)planned events that mismatches reality from expectations, it is in this gap and break of accord that a chain events often unleash; now, just because the reasons that cause the crisis might have been unplanned for, it doesn’t mean that how we face the music and decide how to act can’t be planned for and managed. It is here, where we need to put our mental effort, our strategy and game plan, so we can act the best we can and show up and own our part when the times comes.

Once a crisis is averted, managed or passed, take a moment and reflect on how or what made things go the way they went, evaluate your reaction, adapt and plan the next one up.

You can do this solo or as a team, or both. But this last step is where you learn.

If we accept the crises around us and learn to dance with them, you will be two steps ahead and sooner rather than later you will have learnt to read the tea leaves to advert new ones, proactively dance with the day to day activities that we call life and learn to retain our peace of mind no matter the circumstances.

Stay safe.

Pura Vida.